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About Naperville News: Your Local Voice

At Naperville News, we believe in the power of local journalism to strengthen community bonds, celebrate our successes, and address our challenges. Founded by Charlotte Dunnagan, a local freelance writer and news reporter, Naperville News is more than just a magazine; it’s a platform for sharing the pulse of our city.

Naperville News Mission:

To provide comprehensive coverage of Naperville’s dynamic business landscape, vibrant nightlife, sports achievements, and culinary scene. We aim to inform, entertain, and engage our readers by delivering high-quality, in-depth articles that reflect the diversity and spirit of our community.

Our Coverage

Explore the Heart of Naperville, IL

Business News

We spotlight the entrepreneurs and businesses that are shaping Naperville’s future, sharing stories of innovation, resilience, and success.

Local News

From community events to local achievements, we keep you updated on everything happening in Naperville.


Discover the best places to unwind, socialize, and enjoy the vibrant nightlife that makes our city unique.

Sports and Activities

We cover the sporting events and recreational activities that bring our community together, celebrating both competitive spirit and the joy of participation.

Restaurant Guide

With detailed reviews and a comprehensive local directory, we’re your go-to source for navigating Naperville’s diverse culinary landscape.

At Naperville News, we’re more than reporters – we’re storytellers, advocates, and neighbors. Join us as we explore the stories of Naperville, one article at a time.

Our Team

Naperville News is brought to life by a trio of local writers, each with a unique connection to the city we call home.

Charlotte Dunnagan
Emily Parker
Ryan Thompson

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